At Gare du Nord descend one level from the main platform level (there are multiple escalators) and follow the signs for RER Line D. This is at the opposite end of the station to the Eurostar platforms. (The RER is the suburban Paris overground train network – although this journey is all underground.)

Usually the trains are for Melun or Malesherbes and leave from platform 44. When there was once a track problem I have seen them go off 42.

If you’re doing this journey regularly, or travelling around Paris sometime soon, you can buy a carnet, a book of 10 tickets, from the ticket window or machines. You can also use these on the Metro.

Each journey in zone one (which this journey is) requires one ticket – hang on to it when you’ve entered the station as ticket checks are quite common. Alternatively you can just get a single ticket.

It is two stops to Gare de Lyon. On the platform there, head up one lot of escalators following signs for “grandes lignes” out through ticket gate, then up another lot of escalators.

There’s only one tricky thing here – there are blue platforms (designated with letters) and yellow (designated with numbers). Before there is a platform known for trains there will be a blue or yellow square on the indicator board. It is important to note this, since it is at least a five-minute walk between the two sets of platforms – easy to get caught some distance from where you want to be. (When boarding the train at Gare de Lyon, do be aware that you are supposed to stamp your ticket at the platform entrance first.)

Doing the journey in reverse, at Gare de Lyon you can descend from the platform on which you train arrives (although you might want to use the escalators in the main part of the station if avoiding stairs).

Keep descending two levels until you get to RER where you can use ticket from your carnet to get to gates. Against you are taking the green line; destinations might be Orry-la-Ville or Creil – just check as the stations roll across. (Paris Nord is Gare du Nord.)

At Gare du Nord you’ll be going up two sets of escalators. Follow the signs for “grande lignes” and Eurostar to get to the main part of the station.

As anywhere in a big city, you want to watch your wallet on this route.

(Written at the request of a friend, but hopefully useful for all.)